Technical support and service of Fargo printers

Technical support and service of FARGO printers

Authorized distributor and service center of FARGO / HID GLOBAL printers provides technical support, warranty and post-warranty service of printers for printing plastic cards.
As part of improving customer service, it provides the following Technical Support options:
Implementation of regular periodic preventive inspections and maintenance.
Performs warranty and post-warranty service under specified conditions.
It offers contracts with above-standard conditions for warranty and post-warranty service.
Download the latest drivers and firmware for your sold printers.
User manuals in English (from the manufacturer's website) or by agreement in Czech.

We believe that the establishment of clear conditions for the performance of warranty and post-warranty repairs and regular service associated with the maintenance of printers,
of which there are hundreds in operation in the Czech and Slovak Republics, will allow you to use them reliably and quickly rectify faults.
If you decide to carry out periodic preventive inspections or above-standard service conditions, we are ready to send you an offer or a draft contract in which the above-mentioned
conditions are included. He is looking forward to further cooperation, with the wish of satisfaction in the use of printers from two world manufacturers.
The all team of SOVTE