Periodic preventive inspections of Fargo printers

Periodic inspection includes cleaning, function check, wear of components, especially more stressed, optimal settings in terms of print quality, etc. In the case of defective parts or worn parts, their replacement is recommended during the inspection, and the price for these + the price for the work is set. If the printer is under warranty, repair or replacement of parts is free. Part of the periodic inspection is the installation of the latest firmware (at the customer and the latest driver). The price does not include testing of encoders, as well as the installation of the latest software upgrade CardPresso, AsureID or another according to the offer. The customer is expected to have fully functional PC parameters according to the printer specifications.

Preventive inspection
The customer can request the provision of preventive inspections - maintenance, cleaning, inspection, parameter settings, etc. according to the following conditions:
Price: every 3 months ............... 40 - 120 € / inspection / depending on the type of printer - see appendix
1x in 1/2 year ........................... 60 - 140 € / inspection / according to the type of printer - see appendix
1x per year .................................. 80 - 160 € / tour / according to the type of printer - see Annex The fee is charged either in advance or an invoice will be sent regularly, payments can also be agreed according to the repayment schedule (according to the concluded agreement).
It is also possible to arrange direct payment at each service inspection.

Type of printers
Service *DTC400 / 400e *DTC550 *HDP820 / 825 *HDP820-LC
*DTC300 *DTC4000 *HDP600 *HDP825-LC
*C30 / C30e *DTC4500 *DTC550-LC *HDP600-LC
*M30 / M30e DTC4250e HDP5000 (2008) HDP5000-LC
*DTC1000M / e DTC4500e *HDP5000 (2013) *HDP5600-LC
*DTC1000 DTC1500-LC HDP5600 HDP8500-LC
C50   HDP8500 HDP6600-LC
DTC1250E   *DTC4500-LC  
DTC1500   DTC4500e-LC  
1x in 3 months 40€ 60€ 80€ 120€
1x in 6 months 60€ 72€ 96€ 140€
1x in 12 months 80€ 100€ 120€ 160€

* printers no longer manufactured