Card Laser Engraving


Security features to protect ID cards against forgery formed laser engraving

Unique identifiers or images are engraved directly into the body of the card, providing highly counterfeit personalization.
Unauthorized manipulation is practically impossible, an attempt to change the entered information will result in obvious damage to the card.

1. Subsurface laser marking
Laser engraving under the surface of the card, as in this image, brings indestructible identification of the card.
2. Microtext
Microscopic text using a font size of less than 1 point. This element is readable only with a magnifying glass. Enables covert security with easy authentication.
3.  Tangible surface relief
The plastic inscription gives you the opportunity to check the authenticity of the card with just the touch of a finger.
4. MLI/CLI - Multiple / Variable laser image
Engraved images or data change with your viewing angle when looking at the card. This allows easy authentication of the card.   

Price list

Price list of card burning with laser engraving technology. Suitable for protection of ID cards against forgery by means of security elements formed by laser burning.

Combining elements on one side of the card reduces the price for each additional element by 50%. Thus, 100 pcs. 1 element 60, 2 elements 90, 3 elements 120, 4 elements 150
* possible only on special cards adapted for that.

All engraving elements can be fired only on the designated polycarbonate cards (order code 82289) price: 32.30 CZK / pc without VAT.