Card Printing & Encoding


Do you need affordable production plastic cards and you don´t want to pay for investment in our high-end printers?

Then you can execute your order with us.

Cards are available in various standard thicknesses, different colors from yellow to metallic. Other advantageous self-adhesive cards for sticking to smart cards you already use when people are leaving the place.

The card can be provided with color print in any design according to the customer's needs. It offers monochrome and full color printing on both and both sides. Another advantage of laser card engraving (switching off) of text or photos, to increase the security of the card against possible forgery. For more information click here.

Clear or hologram lamination for greater visual security and card resistance to mechanical damage. Possibility of fluorescent printing, visible only under UV lamp.

The cards can have implemented data medium in the form of contact, contactless chip or magnetic tape and the card can be equipped with personal elements such as barcode, photo, identification number, signature field, etc.

Plastic cards with intelligence: eg. CRESCENDO multitechnology with a high degree of security (hybrid cards connecting several systems - contact + contactless + magnetic) are part of various electronic systems where they cooperate with electronic reading devices. Identification by chip is safer than by the visual side of the card (photo, signature). If you do not have the appropriate encoder or reader we are able to process a wide range of different chip and magnetic cards.

To calculate the prices of your cards please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail