Service, periodic preventive inspections PRIMERA

We offer service inspections of your PRIMERA Label Printers and CD / DVD / Blu-ray and disc publishers (DTM-Print) in an authorized service center in Prague.
We recommend that you service your machine regularly at least once a year (more often for larger print volumes).

Therefore, do not hesitate and use our offer for the maintenance of your devices.

Make an appointment, bring a printer or you can send a delivery service. The printer must be delivered in the original packaging with fillings.

As part of the service inspection, we perform:
device diagnostics
settings printer
upgrade firmware

General service (so-called "Flat repair")
- very popular with customers who really use their machine
- the service is performed directly by the supplier for the EMEA in Germany
- the machine is completely cleaned to the last detail in the ultrasonic bath
- standard wear parts are replaced with new ones
- can be ordered for current machines:
AP360e/AP362e 505 €
AP550e  565 €
CX86e  540 €
Disc Publisher SE-3  505 €
Disc Publisher DP-4200 Serie  565 €
Disc Publisher DP-4202 XRP 565 €
Eddie  625 €
FX510e 420 €
FX810e 660 €
LX500e/LX500ec  445 €
LX600e 480 €
LX610e  505 €
LX910e  540 €
LX1000e/LX2000e/LX3000e 780 €
Signature Slide Printer 720 €
Signature Cassette Printer  780 €
Signature Autoloader 1 080 €

Fees for service work without VAT
hour of work of a service technician in a service center 46 € / hour.
hour of work of a service technician outside the service center 54 € / hour.
transport: time spent on the road 23 € / hour.
Alternatively, an individual contract price can be agreed for the repair

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