LX3000e NEW Color Label Printer

LX3000e NEW Color Label Printer

All-new Big Ink™ system delivers low costs per label with outstanding speed and print quality.

LX3000e features an all-new tanked-ink system and printhead and provides the lowest cost per print. The printer offers the same quality features as LX910e with the addition of an user-replaceable printhead and large individual CMY ink tanks with either dye or pigment ink. It’s perfect for a range of industries including health and beauty, food and beverage, chemicals and more.

Colour Label Printer LX3000e

CMY ink tanks with Big Ink™

The Big Ink system uses dye or pigment inks optimised for brightness, durability and optical density. The latter is particularly high for the process black, resulting in the blackest black ever released in a CMY printer. It has many advantages for labels over the carbon black inks used by other colour label printers, such as better water resistance, compatibility with a wider range of speciality label media and higher smudge resistance.


  • Fast Print Speeds – With up to 114 mm (4.5”) per second print speeds, your labels will be produced quickly and efficiently
  • Best Print Quality – 4800 dpi full-colour printing, 16.7 million colours
  • Individual Ink Tanks – The all-new, highly advanced ink technology used by LX3000e is unique in the business. It has a reusable, pre-primed printhead that's fed through tubing from three separate large (3 x 60 ml) CMY ink tanks
  • Sturdy Metal Enclosure – The LX3000e comes with a powder coated metal enclosure which had been certified for many years in areas with higher safety regulations. Especially suitable for use in mechanical and plant engineering, or when electromagnetic screening (EMC) is required
  • Cutter – Equipped with built-in label cutter (pizza-wheel style)
  • Connection – Wired ethernet for network connection (coming soon)

LX3000e CMY Ink Tanks

LX3000e Dye Ink Printhead

LX3000e Pigment Ink Printhead