The new HID FARGO HDP8500LE Industrial Card Laser Engraver from HID Global integrates seamlessly with the HDP8500 card printer/encoder and card lamination modules, enabling increased credential and organizational security by combining high security laser-engraved personalization with superior High Definition Printing™ (HDP®).

Leveraging the most versatile laser engraving technology in card identity systems, HID's HDP8500LE introduces multiple personalization attributes, making forgery and manipulation virtually impossible. Attempts to alter engraved information will result in visible card damage.

The HDP8500LE uses superior HID Global technology to engrave permanent, unalterable data into cards that demand the highest level of security. When used in conjunction with long-lasting consumables such as UltraCard™ PC cards, the HDP8500LE will produce cards that meet the requirements of demanding applications such as driver’s licenses and other government issued identification cards.


HDP8500LE Industrial Card Laser Engraver Applications

  • Government-to-citizen IDs:
    • Driver Licenses
    • National IDs
    • Border crossing cards
    • Voter registration
  • Service bureau ID production
  • University student ID/payment cards


What is the FARGO HDP8500LE Industrial Card Laser Engraver?
A new module that integrates with the printer / encoder and lamination module introduces new security features of laser engraving into ID cards. The HDP8500LE card personalization kit provides HDP printing, laser engraving, smart card coding, and customer hologram lamination.

Laser engraving equipment ensures higher card security in various programs of their government and government institutions, which bear increased responsibility for the inability to falsify or misidentify, citizenship and driving licenses, health insurance cards, etc.

What is laser engraving?
It is a highly secure method of monochrome personalizing a card that burns / engraves a theme into the card body. This provides a trace that is either fired inside the body of the card or creates tactile effect laser engraving that is tangible. Both are highly resilient personalizations whose falsification or manipulation is not practically possible.

Identifikační karta s laserovám gravírováním tisku a fota-popis prvků


The System-wide Approach to Highly Secure Credentials

The most secure credentials are highly differentiated, employing multiple visual, digital and engraved elements to ensure accurate identification of each individual cardholder while establishing barriers to fraud and counterfeiting. Each module in the interoperable FARGO Industrial Series contributes security elements to finished credentials using advanced printing, encoding and engraving technologies and materials:

  • HDP8500LE laser engraver carves unique, unalterable text, visual security elements and other images into card surfaces.
  • HDP8500 printer/encoder adds overt, covert and forensic visual security elements to high definition print images via fluorescing print ribbon and/or holographic HDP Film.
  • HDP8500 lamination module applies clear or custom holographic overlaminate patches to cards, increasing durability, card life and fraud protection.

Laser Engraving: Visual Security Elements Unique identifying data or images are engraved into the card body itself for tamper proof, highly durable personalization, making forgery and manipulation virtually impossible. Attempts to alter engraved information will result in obvious card damage.

Identifikační karta s laserovám gravírováním tisku a fota a UV tiskem