EN Asure ID 7 Exchange


The most powerful edition of Asure ID 7 with advanced card personalization, data sharing and management capabilities.

The updated version of popular plastic card design, printing and encoding software delivers a powerful, convenient and intuitive interface for simple and fast ID card issuing that resembles the look and feel of Microsoft® products. Asure ID simplifies card printing without having to open and configure complex printer driver menus. The software automatically notifies you about any updates.


Asure ID® 7 Exchange
The most powerful edition of Asure ID 7 with an emphasis on advanced card personification, data sharing and management. It has full support for MS Access / MYSQL / MSSQL / ODBC / txt xls, csv - via ODBC databases. Enhanced programming module, iDIRECTOR, with added SmartCard encoding functionality, including MIFARE application programming and iClass support - enables write control and control of card applications being uploaded to the card chip, biometrics, smart card encoding. This allows you to take full advantage of corporate networking and LDAP.