Disc Publisher SE-3 BLU


Compact, reliable and affordable the Disc Publisher SE-3 duplicator and Disc Publisher SE AutoPrinter meet limited home and small business needs by recording and printing CDs, Blu-Ray

The device contains one Blu-Ray burner:
- Burns and prints up to 20 discs in a single batch
- Full color direct inkjet printing on printable CD, DVD and BD media
- Easy to use

Main advantages of DP SE-3:
- USB 3.0 - delivers the fastest possible recording speed on CD-R, DVD-R and BD-R media
- burning Blu-Ray media is twice as fast as the previous model
- high-capacity tri-color ink cartridge (order code: 53334)
- 4800dpi print quality
- print speed up to 270% faster than DP SE (with compatible print quality)
- compatible with Windows 7/8/10 + and Mac OS X 10.7 (or higher)
- optionally with LG Blu-ray Burner
- prices remain the same as the previous DP SE model

Possibility of using automated printers and duplicators of CD, DVD and Blu-ray media.

Disc Publisher SE is perfect for small to medium volumes of disc production. You can burn and print individual discs with unique data or you can create a large number of the same discs. Some examples of possible uses - music and video discs, software, press releases, exhibition flyers, instructional and training manuals, technical documentation.

You can use virtually any printable DVD ± R or CD-R media.

Best price / performance ratio on the market.

Disc Publisher SE is the most affordable automated CD / DVD publisher ever made delivering the highest possible quality at a very affordable price. Primera distributes its products in more than 80 countries and produces more automated Dics Publishers than any other company in the world. After purchasing any Primera machine you can easily see why this is the case.

Warranty for DVD drive is 12 months.