Holographic lamination


External holographic elements to protect ID cards against forgery.

Our holographic laminating tapes and HDP films are basic with a predefined hologram or custom with our own design.

You can easily buy holographic laminations and HDP films with a basic design in our e-shop.

To get price of laminations and HDP films with customer design please contact us at sovte@sovte.cz.

  1. Nano Text (shown enlarged 2000%)
    Viewable only under high-powered magnification, a string of microscopic alphanumeric type is strategically placed within the thin lines of an art element.
    Below, the Standard World View image contains the word “VALID” which is placed on the top and bottom parts of the globe artwork. Note that designated areas have specific typographic errors, (VALDI). This provides even one more level of covert detail to assist in verification of authenticity.
  2. Micro Text (shown enlarged 1000%)
    This microscopic type is so detailed, it cannot be duplicated via dye-sublimation, ink jet or laser printers.
    Purposefully placed within a line or an element of artwork, this alphanumeric type appears only under magnification.
    In the Standard World View image below, the words “NO FRAUD” are seen in the outline strokes of the ribbons.
  3. Flip Images
    This VSE provides a sophisticated level of animation that is extremely difficult to duplicate. It features left/right, top/bottom or any combination of oppositefacing artwork. In the Standard World View example, the small globe flips from Eastern Hemisphere to Western Hemisphere when the card is angled.
  4. 2D/3D Ribbon
    Provides a complex background image, yet requires no special lights or readers to verify. The detailed artwork is a combination of sophisticated two- and three-dimensional flowing ribbons. In the Standard World View image, the 2D/3D Ribbon is designed to interact and integrate with the other visual security elements providing full image coverage over the entire card.
  5. Pseudo Color
    An effective and attractive element that is difficult to duplicate, yet very easy to verify. Tilt the card one way, and you see metallic, holographic tones in your image. Tilt it again and you see saturated, true colors of the same image. In the Standard World View image above, the card is angled to show the many varying bright colors of international flags.
  6. Fine Line Design
    When viewed at certain angles, these complex fine lines give the illusion of motion.
    Too small to be effectively reproduced on desktop printers, these lines and patterns can be easily verified by the naked eye with a simple turn of the card. In the Standard World View image above, the lines appear to move around the globe and have clockwise and counter-clockwise movement.
  7. Morphing Images
    Morphing Images consist of graduating images which give the illusion of animation. This effect is very time-consuming and difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate. In the Standard World View image, the stars morph into a circle within itself and appear to trail away from the globe image.
  8. Hidden Text (laser viewable only)
    One of our most sophisticated, covert Visual Security Elements available. This invisible alphanumeric type can only be viewed with a laser, making it ideal for high-level security applications where verification of authenticity is mission-critical. In the Standard World View example below, six Hidden Text areas are placed in the continents:
    Antarctica - AUTHENTIC
    Africa - SECURE
    Australia - APPROVE
    North America - VALID
    South America - SAFE
    Europe/Asia - GENUINE
  9. Mika colors
    The ink shifts the display so that the hologram design is gray from a certain angle and when viewed from other angles it is gold, purple, turquoise or green depending on the customer's choice.
  10. UV colorant
    In normal light transparent ink visible only in UV light. Choice of green, red, yellow or blue colors.

All available in custom or standart versions.