FX1200e complete incl. PC Touch Screen Monitor


The FX1200e enables finishing label processing including optional lamination, digital cutting with tungsten carbide cutting knives, grid separation and removal, longitudinal cutting or slitting of a strip of printed material and its final rewinding of labels onto rolls.

The FX1200e is an all-in-one solution that produces rolls of finished labels per roll.

The device can be equipped with up to four cutting heads so it can finish up to four label productions side by side.
The width of the processed web of media is from 152 to 216 mm, the maximum diameter of the roll is the same as the laser label printer Primera CX1200e, ie 303 mm - winding approx. 380 m.

The maximum cutting width is 203 mm and the maximum length of cut labels can reach up to 610 mm.

The production speed of the Primera FX1200e digital finishing system can reach up to 6.1 meters per minute.
It uses a system of several blades of tungsten-carbide cutting knives which can increase the cutting speed to four times higher. This has overcome the main disadvantage of digital cutting systems, which has been their low operating speed until now.

Touch screen control
All settings and the production process are controlled by an integrated PC with a touch screen. For most tasks, it only takes a few minutes to set up and start the device. Due to the considerable processing efficiency and memory that is on the motherboard, it is easy to set and change the parameters of the task "during operation".
In the category of devices of this type this one is a unique feature. The installed video wizard will guide you step by step through the setup process. 

The external USB connector allows easy software updates as well as easy import of clipping files.

The exact placement of the cutout is done using pre-printed marks and two two-zone sensors.