PX450e color label printer


Compact full color cash register printer PX450e

The printer is suitable for immediate printing of entrance cards, one-time identification business cards, discount coupons according to current offer of goods in stores, price tags print, return tickets, coupons for snacks and bracelets.

You can use this unique printer for many other situations.

Fast printing and easy operation.

Ideal for use in healthcare, conference retail and cultural events. This label printer provides the highest quality for label, ticket and tag printing.

The small size of the printer and its compactness allow it to be installed on counters with limited space. 

Full color advertiesement print has a significant impact on consumers. A recent consumers study showed that the color-printed coupons sell up to 25% more than the use of black-and-white-only coupons. 

Besides the store counters PX450e color label printer is also perfect for hospitals, discos, restaurants and other business use. 

Technical parameters of the PX450e price tag printer:

  • printing coupons on a roll

  • print width 25.4 - 108 mm

  • print resolution 4800 x 1200 dpi, 1200 x 1200 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi

  • easy and fast ink replacement - just pull out / insert the cartridge

  • CMY ink cartridge, black overprint

  • free software NiceLabel SE, Primera - perfect for offering coupons with text, graphics, 2D barcode or QR code

  • standard USB interface

  • compatible with Windows® XP / Vista® and Mac® OS 10.4 or higher printer drivers

  • automatic cutting mechanism to cutt individual labels