LX400e desktop label printer


A small desktop printer for operative printing of color labels and discount coupons on a roll is the best choice for shops and organizations.

You can print color photos, illustrations, graphics, text, barcodes and QR codes on labels.

Print labels where you need them, when you need them and in the quantities you really need! You can print each label differently.


Professional quality label printing

No need to make yourself satisfied for low quality color labels on your products. Primera LX400e uses the latest ink technology with a high resolution of 4800 dpi and very fast production. It gives you the same performance as the LX810e, the "bigger brother" of the LX400e, but with smaller dimensions. The LX400e's incredible 4800 dpi print resolution delivers results that easily surpass other current low-cost printing technologies.

Different combinations of print quality and print speed settings allow you to produce labels exactly as your applications require. Your labels will always be bright, colorful and professional and it will only take you a few minutes to create them.

You can combine any type of text, graphics, photos, illustrations, barcodes and QR codes in your label design.

Start printing labels quickly and easily

An easy-to-use NiceLabelTMSE design printing software is included. It provides everything you need to create basic designs. But you can also use graphics created in the popular Photoshop and Illustrator applications which give you maximum flexibility and creativity in your designs.

From the initial setup to the start of printing everything is very easy with the LX400e. Everything you need to start printing labels can be found in the box. Each Primera label printer comes with basic NiceLabel-SE design software, a sample high-gloss label roll, an ink cartridge and a USB cable. Within few minutes of unpacking the box you'll be able to print full-color labels.


Wide range of labels for printing - including waterproof labels as well!

The LX400e prints on a variety of inkjet printing materials for labels, tags, name tags and cards including glossy, semi-matte and matte labels. High gloss labels are also highly scratch and smudge resistant and essentially water resistant. This is perfect solution for box labels that are exposed to water, rain and snow.

The LX400e can work with labels from 19 mm to 101.6 mm wide. The maximum length of the label is 609.6 mm.


Special applications
The LX400e is also perfect for producing full-color tickets and tags, sales discount coupons, patient bracelets and more....

Optional - an easy-to-install media cutter attached to the front of the printer can be moved down to remove it from the output path when it is not needed. The input slot for folded labels and tags is located on the back of the printer.