Update from Cardfive to CardPresso


Discount for the cardPresso program when returning the Cardfive program HW key!

For current owners and users of Cardfive software we offer a bargain of the new cardPresso software if they can no longer use their software for any reason.

We include a simple program to convert your card templates from Cardfive to cardPresso FOR FREE with the purchase of cardPresso program.

The company named NFive wound up in 2014. Its main product was the Cardfive program. It is no longer possible to order new licenses and the producer´s support has ended as well.

We currently offer cardPresso software with very similar features and layout to replace the original Cardfive software.

The producer of cardPresso software is very active. He is constantly improving and adapting it to current development trends. His technical support is also fast and helpful.

If the customer returns his unnecessary hardware key (or alphanumeric key) from the Cardfive software he will receive the following discount when purchasing the cardPresso program:

Returned Cardfive
HW key
Version Version Final price without
Price with discount
(if HW key is returned)
Lite XL XS 254 € 164 €
Premier XM 425 € 244 €
Professional XL 964 € 524 €