HID FARGO® Element Printer


Simplified, inline personalization of secure credentials in a single step.

  • With the HID® ELEMENT industrial card printer/encoder/laser engraver, HID Global delivers the most reliable, cost-effective, high-volume ID and financial card issuance available in the industry.

    Desktop-based yet heavy-duty, HID ELEMENT is especially suited for the high-cycle requirements of large government ID card programs, financial institutions, laborious service bureau conditions
    and demanding large enterprise environments. Modular and scalable, HID ELEMENT offers high-resolution, UV inkjet printing, optional laser engraving and an array of encoding options to meet
    a broad range of credential program requirements.

    With its reliable operation, minimal maintenance, highly-configurable functionality, scalable throughput and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry — HID ELEMENT is the next evolution
    in superior-quality, high-volume card personalization and issuance.


  • Lowest total cost of ownership — HID ELEMENT delivers the lowest cost-per-image over standard, ribbon-based desktop Direct-to-Card (DTC™) or retransfer card printers and a lower TCO than feature-comparable central issuance systems
  • Unprecedented modularity in a desktop — HID ELEMENT offers the flexibility to purchase UV inkjet printing and laser engraving systems either together or as separate, stand-alone units to meet unique card program requirements
  • Ease of use — HID ELEMENT is as easy to use as standard DTC and retransfer desktop printers but with the modularity, power and throughput speed to rival central issuance

Secure, Versatile, Laser-Sharp Personalization
The most secure credentials are highly differentiated, employing multiple visual, digital and engraved elements. These ensure the accurate identification of each individual cardholder while establishing barriers to fraud and counterfeiting.
Leveraging the HID ELEMENT laser engraving system, unique identifying data or images are engraved into the card body for tamper-proof, highly durable personalization, making forgery and manipulation virtually impossible.
Beyond standard black marking and highly defined grayscale imaging, the HID ELEMENT laser engraving system can optionally be used in conjunction with the UV ink printing system — providing the ability to combine laser with color to accommodate even the most unique card designs.
Engrave Security Into Every Card
HID ELEMENT precision laser engraving enables the etching of multi-faceted security elements into identification cards. Laser-engraved data and images are permanent and secure. Any attempts to alter engraved information will destroy the integrity of the image, and tampering will be immediately evident — lending a whole new level of security to finished credentials.
The optional camera vision system ensures accurate placement and registration of data on the card surface, and reproduction is so precise that it even allows the engraving of microtext — microscopic type that cannot be read without a loupe or magnifying glass.
HID ELEMENT precision lasers can also perform lenticular personalization to produce multiple laser images (MLI) and changeable laser images (CLI), providing additional barriers against counterfeiting attempts via desktop printers.
Because laser engraving produces raised lettering, authenticity is easily verified with the touch of a finger, making it ideal for card issuance programs that bear an elevated risk of forgery or identity misrepresentation such as voter or worker registration cards, drivers’ licenses and citizen identity permits.

HID ELEMENT Laser Engraving System Marking: Dual-side standard Laser type: 3W standard or 8W optional air cooled DPSS laser Laser resolution: 600 dpi Laser speed: Up to 300 cards per hour depending on amount of laser marking Laser accepted card size: CR-80 (3.370"L x 2.125"W / 85.6mmL x 54mmW) Accepted card types: Polycarbonate (PC) recommended, laserable PVC Laser personalization types: Sub-surface and tactile laser engraving, microtext, MLI/CLI (optional) Laser graphics capability: True grayscale Input card capacity: 400 cards (.030" / .762mm thick) per input hopper — up to four hoppers may be added for a total of 1600 cards Output card capacity: 400 cards (.030" / .762mm thick) per output stacker — up to four stackers may be optionally added for a total of 1600 cards Optional encoding: Smart card (contact/contactless), ISO magnetic encoding, support for third-party Smartware® simultaneous contact/contactless encoding Warranty: Laser diode — 24 months, all other system components —12 months Options: HID ELEMENT UV ink printing system (combine color with UV printing system), up to four input hoppers/output stackers per unit, encoding, camera registration system, 8W laser (for faster laser marking capability), MLI/CLI