AP362e label applicator with memory


AP362e labeling machine (applicator) for self-adhesive labels - allows to apply 2 labels (front and back).

An advanced model that allows the application of 2 labels per product with a predetermined location. The model is equipped with an LED counter and memory for up to nine different front and rear label application positions.

Stick labels quickly and accurately.

Primera desktop labeling machines are a top solution for semi-automatic application of labels on products with cylindrical (cylindrical) shape, such as bottles, vials, flasks, etc.

Quick setup and easy operation of label applicators:

1. Adjust the guide rails
2. Set the label location
3. Insert the product into the applicator
4. Depress the pedal and your label is stuck

The spring-loaded arm allows for optimal folding of the label. Self-adhesive bottle labels help you improve productivity with faster and more accurate label application. With the Primera AP range of bottle labels you can apply up to 1,200 labels per hour. Labels are then perfectly glued without wrinkles and give the final product a professional look.